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Libby asbestos victims to be compensated

MONTANA – Asbestos victims in Libby, Montana are finally getting the justice they deserve. A $19.5 million settlement has been proposed for asbestos victims involved in the W.R. Grace and Co. bankruptcy case.

The settlement will be used to fund the Libby Medical Program, benefitting those who have developed illnesses from exposure to asbestos at the company’s former vermiculite plant.

W.R. Grace created the Libby Medical Program in 2000, following reports that several people became sick or died after being exposed to asbestos.
Asbestos is a mineral found in nature that was once widely used in construction. Once it was discovered that asbestos contributes to several illnesses, including the deadly mesothelioma cancer, it was banned in the United States.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that affects the lungs, heart and chest. It is extremely difficult to both diagnose and treat because it can take decades to manifest. Symptoms aren’t always alarming and by the time victims seek help, it is usually too late.

Although there are treatments for mesothelioma, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, sadly, there is no cure for the cancer.

According to Jon Heberling, the attorney representing the asbestos victims, the proposed settlement ensures that the company will not be able terminate the medical program, which it was previously able to do at any moment.

In addition, Heberling says claimants also will be eligible to receive settlements from the separate Asbestos Personal Injury Trust that will be established as part of W.R. Grace’s bankruptcy reorganization plan.

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Payout for Libby asbestos victims begins

LIBBY, Montana – Over 200 asbestos victims have received their portion of a $43 million settlement after becoming ill due to asbestos exposure from the former W.R. Grace & Co. vermiculite mine at Libby.

The settlement, which was approved in September 2011 by District Court in Helena, names a total of 1,128 asbestos victims. A resolution for another 600 claimants is close, but unfortunately, hundreds of other victims will have to wait until they can obtain a release from Medicare liens.

In cases where private insurance companies or the Grace Libby Medical Plan paid victims, no lien was placed. However, those with Medicare have to wait until they can obtain the green light to claim their settlement.

“Where Medicare has paid, it has a right by statute to recoup what it paid from settlements obtained by Libby asbestos disease patients,” said Jon Heberling, a Kalispell attorney and joint counsel for Libby claimant. “Since September when the state of Montana settlement was approved by the court, counsel for the Libby asbestos disease patients have worked closely with Medicare officials to fast track release of the Medicare liens.”

It is likely that the remaining claimants will be evaluated individually, but luckily, Medicare has agreed to an expedited review process.

Asbestos exposure can lead to several illnesses, including mesothelioma cancer, a deadly disease that affects the lungs, heart and chest cavity. There is currently no cure for mesothelioma, but victims are entitled to seek legal help for their pain and suffering. If you or a loved one is battling with mesothelioma, turn to an elite mesothelioma lawyer immediately to file a claim.

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Pfizer reaches settlement in an asbestos claim

The leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. has reached a settlement with asbestos claimants.

Pfizer’s Quigley unit’s seven-year bankruptcy case is on the brink of finally ending as the company reaches a settlement with asbestos claimants.

Asbestos is a mineral that is found in nature. When left undisturbed, it generally poses no threat to humans, but when its fibers are broken apart, they can be breathed in and lead to numerous illnesses.

One such illness is mesothelioma, a rare and fatal cancer for which there is currently no cure. Mesothelioma is extremely difficult to both treat and diagnose because not only can it take 50 years to manifest, but when it does, symptoms may be so benign that patients do not seek medical attention.

After Quigley filed for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy in September 2010, Pfizer has now entered an agreement with asbestos claimants which Quigley lawyers say “resolves the legal and equitable issues that existed under that plan, including enhancing distributions for current claimants and future demand holders, improving reorganized Quigley’s long-term feasibility, and rectifying concerns regarding good faith.”

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stuart Bernstein had not allowed Quigley to previously exit bankruptcy because he believed that Pfizer had somehow manipulated the bankruptcy process.

Over the next 42 years, Quigley’s asbestos claims are expected to total $4.45 billion. If the agreement is approved in court, asbestos claimants would vote in favor of Quigley’s bankruptcy plan and waive their rights to a jury trial in exchange for an asbestos claimant trust worth $264.9 million in cash and stock.

There are a total of 43,100 claimants against Quigley who developed various illnesses, including mesothelioma, from exposure to products that were manufactured by Quigley and which contained asbestos.

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